A facelift or face-lifting (med. Rhytidectomy) is the surgical tightening of the face, neck and forehead.

This includes the general tightening of the facial skin as well as the lifting of the lowered eyebrows, cheeks and a sagging facial contour. A correction of the so-called hamster cheeks or the famous double chin and the tightening of neck wrinkles are also part of a facelift surgery.

Deep wrinkles in the corner of the mouth, sagging cheeks or a double chin, are often the signs of age or with a sharp decrease. From a certain age, the skin loses its elasticity. Sun exposure, smoking and active facial expressions also accelerate the natural process of skin aging. A facelift, also called a facelift or face lift, promises to counteract age. Several methods combine the entire facelift.

A neck lift can complement the facelift; the neck is then tightened, with a double chin excess fat sucked off.
The operation takes about 2-4 hours, stay in Turkey 3-5 days by arrangement. The price includes: Transfer from the airport to the hospital or hotel and back to the airport. Various blood tests, ECG, echocardiogram, lung X-ray, ultrasound), all examinations at our doctors.

There are different surgical methods of face lifting that are used alone or in combination. A detailed preliminary discussion with our surgeon in Turkey is necessary to clarify what exactly the wish is: just a mini lift in the cheek, forehead or temple area or a complete multi-layer facelift.

In addition to the surgical facelift, there are also various minimally invasive options for wrinkle treatment. We have Botox as well as Halloran on offer. For this reason, it is very important to know what your personal wishes are. Thus, we can advise you very individually and present you with the best possible result. Call us today.