Aesthetics Antalya is an international health tourism company committed to providing its patients with the highest standards of medical treatment in Turkey, combining the most effective treatment methods and the most cost-effective options for patients around the world.

Aesthetic Antalya chooses the doctor and hospital, where the patient can receive the most accurate, best service as a judge of the entire disease process. It conducts the necessary preliminary discussion with the doctor, who chooses the patient specifically for this disease.

Aesthetic Antalya is aware of the difficulties of getting health services in a foreign culture in another country, in every step of your treatment, to ensure that our patients always feel “at home” and never alone, our professional team will accompany you.

Aesthetics Antalya offers all your transfers, hotel stays and all other consulting services at no extra cost, from the reservation phase to your flight to Antalya.

For Aesthetics Antalya, your satisfaction is paramount, so as long as you are in Antalya, the professional health consultants will be with you constantly. Your health and satisfaction are important to us.

  • Laboratory tests, blood analyses
  • Inpatient stay
  • Experienced, German speaking staff
  • Full board, diet food
  • Nutritional advice
  • Specific materials and medications
  • All transfers within Turkey
  • v.m.

Our hospitals is a state-approved hospital with world-class services, dedicated resources and staff committed to providing quality care to our patients. All our operations take place in our fully, digitally and state-of-the-art hospital with 108 beds and 33 intensive care units. The complication rate in our hospital is below average compared to clinics worldwide.

Mehmet Kara
Managing Director and


Uğur Demir
Managing Director and



Specialist advice, organization, foreign language assistance


Matilda ÇOPUR
Specialist advice, organization, foreign language assistance

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Elif Demir

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Tuba Kılıç
Specialist advice &

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