It is one of the methods used in bariatric surgery. This method is used when no results are obtained in other classical procedures. It facilitates pathological weight loss and the desired mass index is achieved.

Gastric bypass is an operation against obesity (Obesity). Also against other diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea. The stomach is separated a few centimeters below the entrance to the stomach. A small residual stomach remains, which serves as a brake on the food supplied. The small intestine is severed during this operation. One end of the intestine is connected to the small residual stomach and the other is diverted so that the food is mixed only in the middle small intestine. In this way, the food is excreted more quickly and there are no accumulations in the first place.

The operation takes about 50-60 minutes. But from the room (anesthesia, surgery, recovery room), it is about 2 hours. Hospitalization is 3-5 days.

Included in the price: Transfer from the airport to the hospital and back to the airport. Various blood tests, echocardiogram, lung X-ray, ECG, ultrasound, endoscopy, gastroscopy), all examinations with the doctors, conversation with the surgeon performing the operation, cardiologists, psychologists, internists and with the nutritionist.

All examination reports, blood results, discharge reports and the diet plan will be handed over to you upon your discharge. You will be looked after by our team for 1 year, so that you always have a contact person at home by phone. Before and after the operation, you always have an escort at your bedside who speaks your language.

You can take a person with you to Turkey/ Antalya as an accompaniment. Overnight stays and care are provided in the hospital.

The price for the gastric bypass surgery is on request.

I need some more information from you now:

Age, weight, height, pre-existing conditions, medications you take regularly, allergies, intolerance to food, operations in the past and whether there have been complications, hereditary diseases, chronic diseases in the family such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer or problems with the circulation.

We are happy to discuss all further questions in a personal telephone conversation, which we would be very pleased about.

Sleeve Gastrectomy (gastric bypass)

Why should I undergo obesity surgery?

Other preferred methods have different advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, there are many obesity surgical methods that are applied individually. The common goal is to have a lifestyle that meets the ideal health standards. In other words, the prevention of obesity is a way to prevent physical and mental disorders.

Gastric surgical bypass technique, which we offer as Aesthetic Antalya to reduce fat and carbohydrate intake permanently balance your weight. For this purpose, we offer you the opportunity to meet specialist and experienced surgeons. The following bypass techniques are used in our clinics