During the operation, a silicone band, which with its adjustable function, is looped around the upper part of the stomach. This suppresses the natural feeling of hunger. The gastric band is a method that helps with weight loss.

Why should I undergo a stomach band operation?

If you suffer from obesity and the physical and mental disorders caused by it, you can contact our team of consultants if you have tried all the methods except the surgical procedures. As Aesthetics Antalya, we offer you free consulting service and would like to help prevent these disorders.

Please contact our team if you need this process to lose weight and regain your trust. We look forward to informing you about all surgical procedures and other services.

How does the process of gastric band surgery work?

Gastric band surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure is performed as a so-called keyhole operation or laparoscopy. In the keyhole technique, a total of five skin incisions are made. The silicone band is inserted via one of the working channels between the stomach and the esophagus. With the instruments, the band is positioned and assembled around the upper part of the stomach. Due to the port, a regulation of the gastric band diameter is possible at any time. As a result of this application, the stomach turns into two separate parts. The resulting anterior stomach is limited by its capacity, which prevents a strong food intake.

What requirements do you have to meet?

It is used in patients who have body mass index (BMI) at least 40 (equivalent to 40 kg / m2) or, in special cases, 35 BMI. The minimum age for this is a minimum of 18 years. The patients who have some mental illnesses, alcohol and drug addiction are not suitable for this. Gastric band surgery must present itself as a last resort. After the operation, diet therapy, exercise therapy, and psychotherapy must be planned.

Gastric band: Benefits

Gastric band surgery is a little complicated procedure and takes a few hours.

There is a low risk of complications because the stomach and intestinal organs are not cut. Another advantage is that the gastric band can be removed at any time and relatively easily and thus the procedure is completely reversible. No problems with the absorption of vitamins and minerals have been observed so far. As Aesthetics Antalya, we look forward to contacting you with our team of consultants and informing you further.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I continue to use the medication for my other ailments after the operation?

After surgery, you can continue to use your prescription medications. As a special case, it is recommended to take large tablet drugs by shrinking. This measure helps against nausea. We recommend that you stay away from medications that can damage the gastric mucosa.

Kann das Magenband entfernt werden?

Das Magenband kann entfernt werden. Aber es ist selten empfohlen. Die Entfernung des Magenbandes kann Gewichtszunahme verursachen.

Can the gastric band be removed?

The gastric band can be removed. But it is rarely recommended. Removal of the gastric band can cause weight gain.

How does weight loss work after surgery?

After surgery, the process of weight loss runs slowly and routinely. Rapid weight loss can lead to other health problems, so long-term weight loss is the healthiest. The prescribed weight reduction is 1 kg per month.

What are the disadvantages and risks?

As with all surgical procedures, this application has disadvantages and risks. After the operation, a slow and low weight loss is observed. In addition, a gastric tube is inserted into the forestomach. Displacement of the gastric band and/or gastric band leakage is among the most common complications. After the operation, you receive a nutrition plan and the aftercare continues.