The Brazilian Butt Lift is the surgical method for enlarging the butt. Both due to natural skin aging or a very large weight loss or due to some external factors, the buttocks can gradually change and lose their shape (hanging). The volume can be built up by inserting special implants. Of course, you can also use antilogous fat.

When enlarged by an implant, the surgeon makes incisions on the lower fold of the buttocks and places the implants in the glottal muscle. There he has previously worked out a kind of bag so that the implants do not slip later. The overlying muscle layer prevents the silicone implants from being seen after the operation. The seam is not visible later.

Some unpleasant side effects may include pain that occurs when the patient is sitting.

After the operation, on the advice of the surgeon, special underwear should be worn for several weeks to support the healing process. The duration of the stay is different for each patient.

The operation lasts 2-4 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The price includes: Transfer from the airport to the hospital or hotel and back to the airport. Various blood tests, ECG, echocardiogram, lung X-ray, ultrasound), all examinations at our doctors. If you are interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift, please call us for a personal conversation.