The ReLEx-smile treatment is a further development of the LASIK method and enables a particularly safe and gentle correction of refractive errors.

The decisive advantage: With ReLEx smile we can laser your eyes without flap lasers ( flap = thin corneal lamella ) and no longer have to open the cornea over a large area, as would be necessary with a conventional LASIK method. A special femtosecond lenticle extraction laser prepares a thin 3D disc inside the cornea, which is removed via an access in the cornea that is only about 2 mm in size.

This treatment protects the eye, the cornea remains stable and further complications are excluded. This minimally invasive operation is recommended by our eye specialists for the correction of myopia, corneal curvature as well as dry eyes.

This operation takes about 30 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. 3-4 days stay in Turkey. This technique is treated on an outpatient basis. All examinations and the hotel stay are included in the price. Call us today and make an appointment with us. We, the Aesthetic Antalya team, are looking forward to your call.