Hair loss can severely impair your personal charisma and become a psychological burden. A hair transplant with the gentle FUE technique offers a remedy. Individual bald or lightened areas can be well filled with your own hair thanks to the FUE method.

The big advantage of FUE hair transplantation: The very small scars remain inconspicuous.

The English abbreviation FUE (follicular unit extraction) means as much as “removal of the individual hair follicles”. Therefore, the FUE method is also referred to as the single hair transplant. The technique is a further development of the older hair transplant procedures. It is suitable for patients with hair loss that is hereditary. Some special features make THE FUE hair transplant so gentle:

The hair follicles to be transplanted are usually removed individually from the back of the head. No deep cuts are required in the FUE technique. The small scars after the transplant are hardly visible. Most of the transplanted hair usually grows in and is preserved for a lifetime.

A FUE hair transplant takes place on an outpatient basis. An overnight hospital stay is not required.

The FUE technique is used under local anesthesia of the scalp. The treatment proceeds as follows; where the hair follicles are removed, a shave of the hair is carried out. With an extra-thin hollow needle, the hair follicles are removed individually. After removal, the hair follicles are first placed in a nutrient-rich solution, where they are thoroughly examined. Via very tiny skin accesses, the healthy hair follicles are then inserted into the area piece by piece. When planting, the FUE method pays particular attention to a natural hair distribution.

For an appealing to very good result, 25 to 45 hair follicles per square centimeter are usually planted. In one treatment session, up to 2500 can be transplanted using the FUE method. A session in FUE hair transplant lasts on average a few hours. If there is a higher need for hair transplantation, further treatments can be carried out.
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