The trend is back to the men’s beard – whether 3 days, as an upper lip or as a full beard. However, light spots can also occur. Then a beard hair transplant may be the solution for you. With a new technique of the transplantation procedure, a uniform, dense beard growth can also be achieved in you. Our plastic surgeons in Turkey will inform you in detail about this here.

Beard hairs can be transplanted in the following way, on one part of the body – usually at the back of the head – we obtain the required hair follicles as gently as possible. This is followed by a test of the follicles and their preparation in a nutrient solution. Now we reinsert the hair follicles into the beardless zones on your cheeks, upper lip or chin. We can also transplant beard hairs into areas that have scars.

After the beard hair transplant, your new hair first goes through a regeneration phase. As a rule, they reach their full beard growth after a few months.

After a beard hair transplant, you have a full, even beard growth. The beard growth looks very natural and no one notices that you have been transplanted with beard hair. Of course, our surgeons in Antalya will plan the procedure together with you. Thanks to the beard hair transplant, your beard usually receives exactly the beard growth you want.

A beard hair transplant is usually gentle. Your scalp will be locally anesthetized just like your face in the area where your new beard hair will be transplanted. So you hardly notice anything of the actual treatment. Depending on the patient and the fullness of the hair to be implanted, the transplant can take a few hours. After about 2 weeks, you can shave your beard again. In the beginning, the beard hairs all fall out until the roots have regenerated. The majority usually grows back and becomes even stronger. Transplanted hair that adorns your beard after 4 to 5 months usually lasts forever. Feel free to call us if you have any further questions, we are always at your disposal.