Beautiful shaped breasts are an expression of beauty and femininity. But especially after pregnancy or weight loss, breast flexibility can worsen. Sagging breasts also often lead to posture problems with back and neck pain. We perform the breast lift not only aesthetically, but also taking into account your overall physical health, which is very important to us.

Thanks to the modern breast lift technique that we offer you in Turkey, while maintaining the actual volume of the breast, the excess skin decreases. If the volume is too low, breast augmentation may also be considered.

Aesthetic breast lift is performed in Turkey in a private hospital under general anesthesia. It takes about 2 to 3.5 hours. 1 to 5 days stay in Turkey.

About 20 different cutting techniques are used for breast lift. It can vary depending on the technique used by the surgeon, patient and various factors. The preferences and physical condition of the patient (e.g. skin and connective tissue quality, natural breast shape and chest position) are taken into account.

The following 3 methods are most commonly used, as they hardly or not at all affect the breastfeeding ability and sensitivity of the breast: periareolar incision (according to Benelli), Lejour technique, and T and L incision.
The price includes: Transfer from the airport to the hospital or hotel and back to the airport. Various blood tests, ECG, echocardiogram, lung X-ray, ultrasound), all examinations at our doctors.

Of course, all examination reports, blood results, discharge reports will be handed over to you upon discharge. You will be looked after by our team for 1 year (on request also longer), so that you always have a contact person at home by phone. Before and after the operation, you always have an escort at your bedside who speaks your language. You can take a person with you to Turkey as an accompaniment. Accommodation and care in the hospital will be provided.

In order to be able to respond to your special wishes and to answer further questions, simply call us for a personal conversation. We would be very happy.